Curran M. Simpson is the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at REGENXBIO. Prior to joining REGENXBIO, Mr. Simpson was the Head of North American Supply Chain and Interim Chief Operating Officer and Integration Lead at GlaxoSmithKline and the Human Genome Sciences division of GlaxoSmithKline. Mr. Simpson earlier served as Senior Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Manufacturing Operations at Human Genome Sciences.

Prior to Human Genome Sciences, Mr. Simpson was Director of Manufacturing Sciences at Biogen and Director of Engineering at Covance Biotechnology Services. Earlier in his career, Mr. Simpson served as Recovery Technology Coordinator, Worldwide and Pilot Plant Manager of the North America Division at Novo-Nordisk Biochem; Senior Research Engineer at Genentech; Senior Scientist, Development at Genencor; and Senior Chemist at Nalco Chemical Co.

Mr. Simpson has an M.S. in surface and colloid science from Clarkson University and a B.S. in chemical engineering and chemistry from the Clarkson College of Technology.